NeNe Leakes Just Got Engaged To Her Ex-Husband…Yes, You Read That Right

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VH1 Divas 2012 held at The Shrine Auditorium - ArrivalsThe Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes officially announced to the television-loving world watching Late Night With Jimmy Fallon that she is engaged! To whom, you might ask?? Well, none other than Gregg Leakes!

Wait…what? Why do they already have the same name? What's that about? Welllll it's because they were already married to each other. For fourteen years, from 1997 to 2011. They have have a son together, Brett, and have shared the responsibility for raising NeNe's son Bryson from a previous relationship, but I guess things just weren't working out, because they called it off. But now they're back at it, a fact that Jimmy Fallon puzzled out all by himself by looking at the following tweets posted by NeNe on New Years Day. What a regular Sherlock.

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But as clear as those seem, NeNe was somehow still able to dodge the question of whether she and Gregg were getting remarried when she went onThe Today Show. Of course, I shouldn't be surprised because I've been watching her dodge Gregg's ever-more insistent proposals for this entire season of RHOA. So when she went on Late Night, the question was still up in the air, and NeNe seemed reluctant to answer.

But Jimmy wasn't taking ‘no' for an answer. He kept showing her printed out versions of her tweets and harassing asking her, “So are you engaged? Can you say anything?!?” until finally she admitted:

NeNe: Well a little after midnight…I was asked this beautiful question — “Will…you…marry…me again?”


Jimmy: …and?


NeNe: Yessss!

Hurray! What a magical day! I like when things work out in a rom-com way, it makes me harken back to a day when Lindsay Lohan still had the power to bring people back together instead of pulling them apart. No word yet on whether she'll change her name to NeNe Leakes-Leakes or just stick with ‘Leakes'.

Congratulations guys!

(Image: Brian To / WENN.com)