Nene Leakes and Anderson Cooper Still Haven’t Hooked Up

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Real Housewives of Atlanta fan favorite Nene Leakes tells E! Online that despite her declarations of affection for CNN's Anderson Cooper (who admits to being a huge fan of Nene's) the pair still haven't met. Nene even says that they share the bond of true friendship — they follow each other on Twitter– but still have not hung out. Nene says she plans to visit him in his office in New York and demand to know why they've never had a glass of wine together.


Nene also tells E!Online to expect to see drama between her and new housewife Kandi Buruss. You'll be entirely unsurprised to know that the reason is Kim Zolciak, Nene's former friend turned mortal enemy. Nene says that Kim was “feeding” Kandi negative things about Nene and that Kandi believed her.

[Image: Bravo/ABC Universal; Via E!Online]