Neil Patrick Harris Makes Us Love Him Even More With His Tony Awards Opening Number

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Could Neil Patrick Harris be any more amazing? Let me know answer that for you. No. He's the best. And on the slight chance you're not already petitioning for him and his husband David Burtka to adopt you and sing you to sleep every single night, watch his opening monologue-a-song for the 2012 Tony Awards.

He asks, via song obviously, “what if life was a musical?” That's something I've wondered my entire life (Especially after the Even Stevens made musicals cool to talk about in school with their famous Influenza episode).

Wouldn't everything be more fun if spontaneous dancing and song could happen at any moment. I wouldn't mind waiting on a 45 person line at Trader Joe's if I thought that the man restocking the hummus could burst into a showstopping number any second.

Neil Patrick Harris reignites my passion for this to be a real possibility with these lyrics and I just know I'm going to go into work tomorrow in hopes that at least one of my co-workers felt inspired. Ideally one with a good voice.

While NPH did a wonderful job, it's the surprise cameo by Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson who had me squeling in delight (something that sounds a lot less attractive than you even think). I just love, love, love him on Modern Family and I half expected to see Cam walk out on stage too.

Unfortch not this year. But maybe this bodes well for a musical episode of Modern Family. Until then we can keep the dream alive by rewatching the video again and again.