That Time A Redditor Got A Photo With ‘Some Broadway Actor’ And Later Realized He Stars On HIMYM

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Neil Patrick Harris "some Broadway actor" photo RedditAs cool and all-encompassing as the internet is, there's a charm to physical photos you can hold, or that aren't automatically backed up on your Facebook. Redditor lenaurora posted this photo to r/pics last night with the following caption:

A photo from many years ago, buried in my closet, entitled “Me and some actor I met on Broadway.” Nearly had a heart attack when I found it.

The actor, of course, was Neil Patrick Harris; lenaurora estimates the photo to be from 2004, when NPH was starring in Assassins on Broadway. She tries to defend her lack of pop-culture knowledge by explaining that she grew up out of the country and so didn't recognize the guy that her friend bugged her to pose with:

I was with a friend and she got all excited, so we took a picture with him. At the time, I think I was (please don't hate me) into Orlando Bloom. Certainly NOT Wil Wheaton (Only came to appreciate them master of Utilikilts later!) My life wasn't really sheltered, but I grew up outside the U.S. and Doogie Howser is a very American show to watch.

Reddit being filled with cynics, at least one commenter is calling bullshit, saying that lenaurora must have known who NPH was and is just trying to put a fresh spin on an otherwise uninteresting photo. However, she neatly shut down that Redditor in a side thread; the girl knows how to defend herself! She also tweeted the photo to NPH; it's perfect timing, actually, since he's been seeing tons of theater in preparation for this weekend's Tony Awards. Sadly, there's been no response yet, but we think he'd get a major kick out of it.

Photo: Reddit