The 16 Most Scathing Tweets About Neil Patrick Harris’ Oscars Hosting

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Neil Patrick Harris Oscars

Neil Patrick Harris hosted the Oscars last night, and it totally sucked. He started out pretty strong, with a “best and whitest” joke and an energetic musical number featuring Anna Kendrick. I enjoyed it, and it seemed that a lot of other people did too. It's what NPH does best. Unfortunately everything after that was just really lame jokes and tired bits accented with awkward pauses and Neil laughing at himself. Then there was the glass box with his Oscar predictions in it. Dear God that was awful. And did he really have to drag poor Octavia Spencer into it?

As usual, there were plenty of snarky tweets sent out last night during the show, and they were overwhelmingly “Ugh Neil, stop it.” So we rounded up some of the most scathing examples for your reading pleasure. Neil is really giving Fifty Shades of Grey a run for its money in the being terrible department. Who knew?

Well, that's just not fair. I'm sure at least Neil wanted to see it.

That really does sum it up.

Somebody give them an Emmy!


That's an insult to dads everywhere.

Yes, yes he is. Or did, rather.

He talked about that box so much, guys.

I'm honestly surprised he didn't.

It's so sad.

I'm guessing at least by the “with her spoon” joke.

This wasn't that far off.

If only.

So many pauses, it was like a “legen… wait for it” joke.

Sad but true.

Meryl Streep approves of this tweet.

Yeah, this is mine. I'm just really proud of it.

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