Neil Patrick Harris Humblebrags About Being CBS’ First Choice To Host Late Night

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Are you ready to be bowled over by a humblebrag, you guys? Neil Patrick Harris wants your attention for a second to talk about how he was offered several hosting positions on CBS, including The Late Showand turned it down because he thought he'd ‘get bored'.

I actually feel like Stephen Colbert is an excellent choice for the job, and I assumed that because his hiring went through the pipeline so quickly, he must have been the first choice. I mean, it was less than a week between Dave Letterman announcing his retirement and Stephen being announced to replace him, so I figured this deal had been in place for years already, and they just had to pull the trigger.

But not according to NPH, as he explained in a recent interview with Howard Stern that he was actually offered the position by CBS' chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves. He says that while the two of them did sit down to discuss the possibility, Neil ultimately declined because he thought he'd ‘get bored' of the same format, night after night.

“I don't have any interest in doing ‘monologue, commercial, sketch, guest, guest musical act, goodnight.”

Even when Les offered him a position with a little more freedom — replacing Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show — he still wasn't into it.

“It's still nightly. You're still coming up with the same content and now you're just getting bitter that no one's watching it.”

In theory, this should be a compliment to late night hosts, for having the ability to come up with new content every night that keeps people interested, but it doesn't read that way at all. Instead he makes it sound like their job is easy, because it's just rehashing old content, and also boring, because it's the same thing every night. Yawn yawn yawn, how nice to get an offer for a shitty job (that you don't even have the experience for!) just because you have a ‘good relationship' with the network after spending twenty-eight seasons on How I Met Your Mother.

Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother I'm bored GIF HIMYM


Neil is great and all, and I think he's really talented, but he comes off so shady in this interview that it's really off-putting. If you don't like those sour grapes you're chewing on, NPH, then how 'bout you quit eating them?