Celebrity Lookalikes: Neil Patrick Harris And This Legen-Wait-For-It-Dary Redditor

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One of How I Met Your Mother‘s running jokes of the past two seasons has been the gang's discovery of their various doppelgangers scattered around New York City: Lesbian Robin, Stripper Lily, Mustache Marshall, and Mexican Wrestler Ted. Barney's lookalike proves to be the most difficult to track down, as the Barnman himself dons several disguises in order to trick Marshall and Lily into conceiving a child. I'm going to ignore the fact that they ultimately track down Barney's twin, because instead we've found a real-life doppelganger.

You can thank Redditor totallynotdoogie, who's obviously been mistaken for Neil Patrick Harris more than once. He posted the above righthand photo in r/himym… and wow, the resemblance is uncanny. The cheekbones are a little more severe — which makes sense since he claims to be 14 years younger than NPH — but everything else matches up. They even take twitpics the same way!

Apparently it all started when someone else on the site requested an NPH Ask Me Anything thread — can this happen, please?! — and totallynotdoogie mentioned the resemblance. Since the internet is ruled by the command “Pics or it didn't happen,” it wasn't long before he shared this self-portrait. The rest of the Reddit thread was pretty appreciative, though at least one user made sure to note that totallynotdoogie wasn't wearing a suit. Barney himself would applaud the man's respectful response: “Sadly I do not own a well fitting suit and I refuse to put on a suit until I can do it justice.”

And in case you were wondering—yes, he's gay, too.

Photos: Neil Patrick Harris/Reddit