Jason Segel And Neil Patrick Harris Singing Les Mis Will Awaken The Inner Theater Nerd In You

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To celebrate the return of of Les Misérables to Broadway, an audience member at Inside The Actor's Studio asked Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris to recreate their amazing rendition of “The Confrontation” from Les Mis. It was good before, but oh man, it's phenomenal now. They've had years to practice their dramatized finger-pointing and sinister octave drops and the result is really just flawless.

If you have even the tiniest theater nerd napping inside of you, this experience will reawaken it in five seconds flat. And if you pride yourself on never slacking in your theater nerdery, just watch how much more you'll love both this musical and these guys after this. Actually, it doesn't matter if you hate plays, music, and all forms of joy entirely, because this video is about to turn you into the happily-grinning person of your destiny.

Just wow. I can't decide if I want to talk about how NPH constantly surprises me each and every time he whips out that voice of his. Or how I'm captivated by how into this Jason Segel is from the get-go (“All I did was steal some BREAD!!”). But, probably, what I'd most like to talk about is how Cobie Smulders had to physically remove herself from the crossfire of this intense duet because things were clearly getting hot and heavy. Maybe they were just doing a rendition of a popular song from a well-known Broadway production. But maybe they were actually about to morph into those characters, full-costumes and all. There was no telling with way this video was going and, truthfully, I would've been totally on-board either way.

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