Neil Patrick Harris Will Host The 2013 Emmys, No Word Yet On 2014 – 2024

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Neil Patrick Harris attending Kids Choice Awards March 2013I want you to think back for me, if you can, to a time when Neil Patrick Harris didn't host either the Tonys or the Emmys. It was a simpler time, before elaborate song-and-dance numbers and actually enjoyable awards shows. Do you recall it? No, you don't, because it was a long time ago, and human beings can notoriously only remember things that are happening to them at exactly that minute. For example, I remember eating pretzels, sitting in a chair, and typing this sentence. Good times.

But anyway, my point is this: Neil Patrick Harris has just signed on to host the Emmy Awards for this year. AGAIN. (I mean he's signed on to host the awards in general again, not that he's already hosted for this year and he's going to do that again. He doesn't own a time machine, obviously. Oh my god, stop confusing me, guys!) ANYWAY. This new revelation means that NPH will officially be hosting both the Emmys and the Tonys, both of which he's been doing quite a bit lately, come to think of it. This Sunday will mark the fourth time in five years that he's hosted the Tony Awards, and with his Emmy hosting in September confirmed, 2013 will mark the second time he's hosted both shows in the same year (the first time was 2009).

Holy nap time, Batman, Neil must be exhausted right now. He is really crushing it on the hosting circuit. Just to make things a tiiiiiny bit more meta than they already are, Neil has actually received Emmys for the excellent job he did hosting the Tonys. My brain hurts. There's no denying that he's a really killer host, though, with CBS President Nina Tassler commenting, “Neil is the quintessential host – engaging, entertaining and a true showman – with a passion for celebrating the medium we all love.”

Truer words were never spoke. He really is the best. And Neil, for his part, contributed:

“I couldn’t be more honored and excited to be hosting this year’s Emmy Awards. And what perfect timing – I’ll just do the exact same script I’m about to use for the Tonys. ‘And the Emmy for Best Revival of a Musical goes to Breaking Bad! See, told you it works.”

Love that man. Quintessential indeed.

(Image: FayesVision / WENN.com)