Neil Patrick Harris And His Adorable Family Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Winning Halloween

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In the history of families dressing up on Halloween, no one's ever come close to Neil Patrick Harris and his perfect little family. Seriously, I just cross-checked that fact with the entire Internet and it's true. Every single year, he and David Burtka put the rest of us to shame with their magnificent family costumes. And this year, we got doubly shamed since the four of them dressed up twice. TWICE. As if my heart can handle their kids in costume more than once a year.

As you probably remember from that time your ovaries exploded last week, they dressed up as characters from Alice in Wonderland for the twins' school party. And then last night they dressed up for another Halloween party as The Munsters. A show that I'm sure the twins watched on repeat to prepare for this night. If I know one thing about celebrity family Halloween costumes it's that the kids really like to throw themselves into their roles. Method Halloweening, I believe it's called in exclusive acting circles.

While Gideon looks great and adorable and like someone I'd like to cuddle with for the rest of my life, Harper's expression really makes this photo something that I'd like to print out and stare at on the reg. I don't want her to be a child star (because I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy), but it looks like the kid might be destined for stardom. Either that or being someone you wouldn't ever want to cross.

Overall though, it's an amazing costume from an amazing family! I'm already excited (and scared) for what next year will bring.

(Photo: Twitter)

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