Neil Patrick Harris Got Margarita Wasted On Vacay And You Can Watch It Go Down On Instagram

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The second best thing to being a celebrity is to live vicariously through them when they go on vacation. Especially when it's approximately 100 degrees below zero all across America. Last night, Neil Patrick Harris shared his last night of vacation in Mexico with us via Instagram. While my last nights of vacation always include packing, checking the plane ticket, double checking the plane ticket, laying out the cleanest of my dirty clothes and wondering why I thought a 6 AM flight would be a good idea, his did not. But that's because he has employees who do all those things for him. Man oh man, I can't wait for the day when I can pay someone to do all the hand wringing and worrying for me!

With worrying and packing out of the way, he could spend his last day getting wasted. Margarita wasted to be specific. And he could do it wearing shorts however long or short or very short that he wanted. For those of you who don't notice things like that, I'll tell you that he opted for the very short shorts.

While he never says exactly how many margs he drank, it's clear he indulged in quite a few. Which I would too if I had a live-in margarita maker staying in my vacation home with me. Also side note, how do you get the job of celebrity margarita maker. Did I major in the wrong thing? I bet it's a job for Philosophy majors. Am I right?

As you can see here, he's making sure to mix his marg time with his family time. Although young Harper seems less than impressed with her father's life choices. And Gideon? Well Gideon's removed himself to another table entirely. “Call me when you're sober Dad and can read The Cat in the Hat the way it's meant to be read.”

After spending quality(ish) time with his family NPH treated himself to another solo marg, you know, just one to help him reflect on his vacation and gather his thoughts. Maybe think about the tweet he would send from the plane.

And naturally all that reflecting tuckered him out, resulting in the need for a quick nap. So quick in fact that there wasn't any time to find a bed or a couch or a full-sized surface for him to lay on. “I'll just lay here,” he yelled to David, “I'll just shut my eyes for a a few minutes. If you hear a loud noise or the sound of a body falling to the ground, it's just me, so don't worry about it babe.”

“On second thought,” he called back to David, “I'm actually going to take a walk on the beach. This is how you walk on the beach right? You lay down and bury your face in the sand? Hello? Anyone? I'm asking a serious question here, is this how you walk on the beach? Okay, fine, don't answer me…but you're welcome to join me on my walk. I've laid out three glasses for ya'll. One for David, one for Harper and one for Gideon. Where are you guys? Also, am I dead?”

(Photos: Instagram)