Ne-Yo Apologizes to Lindsay Again

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Ne-Yo has issued a public apology to Lindsay Lohan. Although Ne-Yo has already made a statement to the press apologizing for doubting Lindsay's musical abilities, he has done so again.


Image: used with permission by Newscom

Ne-Yo worked with Lindsay Lohan on her buzz track, “Bossy“. He thought the track would suck and the album would suck, but Lindsay blew him away. He wanted to apologize to Lindsay for not believing in her.

“[It's a] quality record,” Ne-Yo continued. “One that I didn't think she was going to be able to pull off. Again, I will admit that. Straight up and down. I had to eat my words. I tried to call her and apologize for the assumption.”

Photographs: Lindsay Lohan at the Neil George Hair Salon on August 20th. One more photo after the jump…


Image: used with permission by Newscom