NBC sets up cool interactive experience to promote ‘Kings’

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A whole slew of new shows are coming up in March and April. Are you ready?

One of those shows currently receiving lots of buzz is NBC's drama Kings about a modern-day monarchy starring Ian McShane (Deadwood) as King Silas Benjamin, Chris Egan as young soldier David Shepherd and Sebastian Stan as the prince, Jack Benjamin.

In order to keep up excitement as the show premieres, NBC has set up a really cool interactive Kings experience that includes exclusive video, allows for interaction with the characters via phone calls and messaging.

Basically, it helps you understand what the show is about while giving you an inside “scoop” to understand some of the character's motivations.

As part of the interactive experience, you are the “producer” working with a reporter on a news piece about David Sheppard, the new hero of Gilboa. Through your investigations you learn that David's being thrust into the spotlight has had a ripple effect on the Royal Family including Prince Jack, Princess Michelle (Allison Miller) and even King Silas himself.

Working with the reporter, you interview an unidentified “source” from the Palace and choose the questions you want to ask. But you soon find out that asking these questions has its own set of consequences.

Check out the Kings Interactive Trailer here: http://www.unnexclusive.com/

I had a lot of fun with the interactive experience. It was a good way to get people introduced to the show in an unique format and I highly recommend it if you have about 10 minutes to spare. Be aware that the phone number you put in will ring and you will need to stay online and be able to check your email. Don't worry, it's not hard to figure it out.

For more details on the upcoming season premiere of Kings on Sunday, March 15 and to see additional preview and behind-the-scenes videos, head to http://www.nbc.com/kings.

NBC Photo: Eric Liebowitz