The Only Things You Need To Know About Last Night’s SNL Weekend Update Election Special

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Last night's Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Election Special was just…fine. Which is actually a compliment for SNL these days. There were hardly any jokes about how funny it is to be gay, and no embarrassingly un-funny bits. But there also wasn't much that stood out! Save yourself some time and don't bother watching the whole thing; here's a comprehensive collection of the good parts.

1.) The episode starts off with a double parody of Fox and Friends and Mitt Romney‘s “poor people suck” comments. The jokes about Romney's barely concealed contempt for poor people, black people, and service workers are amusing, if very, very obvious, but Bobby Moynihan steals the show with his only slightly more brain dead impersonation of Fox's Brian Kilmeade, who apparently still believes in Santa Claus.

2. The sketch skewers Fox's pro-Romney bias with the way that they try to slant Romney's damning comments, but also goes after their habit of flat-out lying with this easy to miss list of corrections at the end:

3. Bill Hader‘s bizarre impression of James Carville, a.k.a. “The Ragin' Cajun” was as funny as ever:

4. Fake DVD “Convention Cutaways” charmed me with characters like “guy who brought props that only make sense to him” (hi Fred Armisen!), “middle eastern woman they keep cutting to whenever someone mentions hispanics,” and “guy who's had just the tip of his penis out this whole time”:

I'm also partial to “guy who didn't know there'd be balloons.”