NBC Replacing Jay Leno With Jimmy Fallon Is The Best Idea I’ve Heard All Day

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Jimmy Fallon replacing Jay Leno on the Tonight Show Jimmy Kimmel David LettermanNBC. Please do this. Please please please do this thing you are rumored to maybe be thinking about possibly doing. According to accursed unnamed talent agents who are of course remaining anonymous, NBC has been quietly approaching them to find a new host for Jimmy Fallon‘s time slot at 12:35am, currently filled by his show Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Well why would that be? Jimmy is performing well with viewers, particularly those in the ever-precious 18-49 category, and watchers of the late shows in general have been skewing younger in recent years…oh my god. Oh my god are we gonna fire Jay Leno and give The Tonight Show to Jimmy Fallon?

Here's why that theory makes sense. For one thing, Jay Leno's contract is up in 2014, so it could be a seamless transition. For another, ABC is already making the move to put their Jimmy, Jimmy Kimmel, in the earlier slot, pushing his Jimmy Kimmel Live to 11:35pm, ahead of Dateline. And furthermore, David Letterman‘s contract for The Late Show expires in 2014 as well, so both of those guys could step down at the same time. Apparently there's kind of an unspoken rule that Jay won't surrender his time slot before Dave surrenders his, so this would be a great excuse for them both to retire and make some room for the guys who are twenty years younger. I would be obsessed with that, and the network probably would be too, as they're currently paying Jay $15 million a year, which is still only half of his original paycheck. He took the pay cut to help slash the NBC budget, and also hopefully because he felt guilty for completely dicking over Conan O'Brien, but probably not.

Personally, I would be all about this. I've disliked Jay ever since he refused to believe Bigfoot was real in Harry and the Hendersons. Imagine the glory if in one fell swoop we could rid television of the most annoying rich guy on the late night circuit, reward the ever-adorable Jimmy Fallon, and bring sweet vengeance to Conan and Harry! Revenge has never tasted so…much like a chin.

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