What Is NBC Smoking That It Makes Sense To Cancel 30 Rock, Community, and Parks And Rec?

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Over the past day or so, rumors have swirled that NBC has ordered shortened seasons for its three strong sitcoms 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and Community. That was bad enough: If there's one thing we television purists at Crushable hate, it's the idea of mini-seasons that break up a proper season's pace. But now it's become clear that the decision is much worse: These are abbreviated “send-off” seasons before NBC cancels these showsIt's only appropriate for me to invoke Liz Lemon here:

Liz Lemon "what the what" .gif

30 Rock I understand since it's getting pretty long in the tooth — and Alec Baldwin made those references to the show ending — and Community has always been on shaky ground. But Parks and Rec? That's the most shocking, as that show seems to be universally beloved, because it got a few years to work out its kinks and move from being regarded as “that show the creator of The Office did” to a smart sitcom that's spawned its own inside jokes and presented a strong, genuinely funny ensemble cast.

But NBC has apparently decided that it needs to wipe its Thursday night roster clean and start anew. A network spokesperson has already confirmed that they've picked up Ryan Murphy‘s The New Normal, Matthew Perry‘s Go On, and others, but it's unclear if any of these will be mid-season replacement to pick up where The Night Formerly Known As Must-See TV will leave off. I really don't know what they're thinking—and worse, I don't trust it.

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