Even Fox Is Saying Naya Rivera Wasn’t Fired From Glee, So What The Eff Is Going On?

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Naya Rivera dancing as Santana GIFWhen the information first leaked that Naya Rivera was being written out of Glees season five finale, everyone seemed to be in agreement that she was being fired from the show. But the closer we get to that fateful air date, the more people who are speaking out, saying Naya wasn't fired at all, and now that even FOX is on board, I'm gonna need some answers.

The original rumor was that Naya and the show's main star, Lea Michele, had been feuding on set. It wasn't too far outside the realm of possibility, given the extremely stressful past six months they've both had, with Lea losing Cory Monteith to heroin addiction, and Naya's engagement to Big Sean being called off. Supposedly some big blowout happened between the two of them on April 15th, and it was no longer possible to work together, so Naya had to go, since she's the less pivotal to the series.

But whatever the reason behind the supposed firing, we figured that part of it at least had to be accurate, right?  I mean why else would you go to the trouble of rewriting a pivotal episode to remove a popular character like Santana with only two weeks to air time unless something had gone extremely, unexpectedly wrong last-minute? But as more and more people deny that she was fired, we get further and further from having an answer. Here's the statement that FOX gave to the Associated Press over the weekend:

“There is no truth to the rumor Naya has been fired from the show. She remains under contract to ‘Glee'.”

But whaaaat? Are you guys really gonna make us wait until May 13th to see for ourselves what went on? Or is that maybe part of it? Is it possible that all this gossip has been stirred up in order to get their audience to tune back in? Could Ryan Murphy really be that devious? I'm hoping not, but these tweets from Naya herself answer absolutely no questions:

Okay, if we're not supposed to listen to the he-said-she-said, then YOU say something! C'mon girl!

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