Serious Journalistic Question: When Did Naya Rivera Morph Into Kim Kardashian?

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Naya Rivera Peoples Choice Awards Red Carpet January 8 2014

Reports are flooding in from all over the country that the most jaw-dropping moment from last night's People's Choice Awards was the transformation of Naya Rivera. I can't even tell you how many faxes I received in the past hour alone about it. Now I haven't really had a chance to study her since I stopped watching Glee in the middle of the second season. But I have seen her here and there and thought she looked pretty much the same. Then she showed up to present an award last night and holy transformation! I know she dyed her hair blonde recently, but that doesn't usually change a person's entire look.

She looks like something that Kim Kardashian pooped out on a whim and gave to Snooki to play with for an afternoon. She also looks like she forget to sew on the bottom half of her dress, but that's fodder for all you fashionistas out there. If I ever ended up on the red carpet, I know that I would be a disaster. "What am I wearing? Oh my roommate's hand me downs! She told me to throw them out because they were so worn, but instead I hung them all up in my closet. This cardigan? That's from Gap's spring collection in 2004!"

So dress issues aside, I don't want my message about her to be that she looked bad. She just looked like an entirely different person. If they hadn't announced her as Naya Rivera, I would've assumed she was just a guest star from NCIS or some other CBS procedural. In fact I probably would've made some lame joke like, "did Kim Kardashian and Naya Rivera have a baby?" But they did introduce her, so instead I just stared at her in awe. Anyone else struggling to see Santana in there?

(Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com)