You Don’t Have To Like Football To Like This GIF Of Naya Rivera Cheering For Her Brother

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Naya Rivera touchdown celebration

(via E! Online)

I'm not a football fan. The closest I get to being one is when I see my alma mater playing a game on television and use it as a placeholder while I search the guide for something else to watch. But I do love watching people being joyous and celebratory, especially when they're celebrating their family member's accomplishments. That's why I love this GIF of Glee star and professional midriff-barer Naya Rivera running down from her seat at yesterday's Oakland Raiders game to cheer on her brother Mychal Rivera's first professional touchdown. The touchdown is when the ball goes into a part of the field that's important and then one of the teams gets points, right? Don't yell at me, please.

Thanks to the touchdown, Mychal, a tight end, put his team ahead 14-0 against the Washington Redskins. Hey, at least I know that a higher score is better, okay? That's the important part. While I've never sat in a luxury box wearing a cropped jersey showing off my sculpted abs watching my brother play for the NFL, I have had the pleasure of being excited for people I like, and even people I love, when they do something awesome. Like when they come back from the dentist with no cavities or when they finish binge-watching Orange is the New Black in a single weekend. And I know that such an excited response to such an awesome thing often makes your arms do silly things. And then usually those arms make their way to a restaurant and grab onto some food to celebrate.

So while I may not have known a touchdown had happened if it wasn't flashed across the screen in big fancy letters, I can totally recognize the genuine excitement and pride Naya feels for her brother in that moment. And I think it would boost team spirit if other football teams just photoshopped Naya into the stands to celebrate their touchdowns. Just swap out the team logo on her clothes and let her go.