Yvette Nicole Brown Has Forgotten About Her Dream Boyfriend Joe Manganiello, Moves On To Nathan Fillion

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Nathan Fillion Yvette Nicole Brown Alison Brie Community Twitter San Diego Comic Con crush Joe ManganielloHow fickle Community star Yvette Nicole Brown is! Just a week ago, she was engaged in a bitter Twitter feud with Octavia Spencer and Retta over which of them Magic Mike‘s Joe Manganiello loved best. But apparently the mystery was over once Joe actually joined the conversation, because now Yvette seems to have a new crush: Firefly and Castle star Nathan Fillion.

But who can blame her! Nathan was all over San Diego Comic-Con, passing out classy business cards to fans while en route to panels where he kissed Zachary Levi. Even though Joel McHale called Nathan a “pussy” for crying at the Firefly reunion panel, obviously his Community co-stars didn't share his teasing rivalry. Yvette and her co-conspirator Alison Brie posed for this photo with Nathan, with Yvette later tweeting,

!!!! @NathanFillion !!!! Okay, got that out of my system! Just a pic of Nathan, @alisonbrie and me. No biggie. 😉

Aww! As I said last week, it's so fun to see our favorite TV stars having their own mini-freak-outs because they got a hug from Captain Tightpants. Also, it makes me really, really jealous that I couldn't be at SDCC and try to rub elbows with these awesome folks. You get the impression that they're all having just as much fun at the con even though they're technically “working.”

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