Nathan Fillion Visits Neil’s Puppet Dreams To Examine Neil Patrick Harris’ Giant Penis

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Neil Patrick Harris Nathan Fillion Neil's Puppet Dreams Dr. Horrible reference penis cock trouser weasel David Burtka Muppets NerdistIt's an early Christmas present! The Dr. Horrible reunion we've been hoping for sort of happened when Nathan Fillion appeared on the latest episode of Nerdist's twisted web series Neil's Puppet Dreams. Nathan and Neil Patrick Harris wasted no time jumping into all the Dr. Horrible and other geeky show references—so even though Nathan's cameo was far too short, he literally wrung every bit of amazingness he could out of it. “Nathan Fillion guest-stars in the role that will define his career for at least two minutes,” Nerdist writes on their site, and that's actually literally true because of how many in-jokes they squeeze in.

As we've said before, NPH is committed to replacing all of our pleasant childhood memories of puppets with foulmouthed, hilarious debauchery. So props to him for jumping right into the penis jokes in just the second episode. Even I was surprised by how far he went. See, I thought it was just going to be all euphemisms — gasps at something off-screen and “David [Burtka] calls it my trouser weasel” — but then an honest-to-God weasel popped up from in-between NPH's legs and it got so much better.

Yes, this bodes well for all of the puppet sex and other inappropriateness we should expect in future installments of Neil's Puppet Dreams.

These two really should star opposite each other more often. Couldn't Nathan pop onto How I Met Your Mother as one of Robin's ex-boyfriends? Or I could see Neil trying on the villain gloves again as one of Castle‘s shady suspects. Adam Baldwin made it work!