Natasha Bedingfield Is NOT Giving Me A Pocketful Of Sunshine

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natasha-bedingfield-vh1_nc When I first heard Pocketful Of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield, I was annoyed..LOL. It's supposed to be inspiring, I mean, hello, what could be more sunny than a pocketful of sunshine? I like the first part. The way she sings calmly and jovial without the irritating factor was kinda soothing.

I got a pocket,
Got a pocket full of sunshine
I got a love that knows that it's all mine
Oh.oh, oh
Do what you want,
But you never gonna break me,
Sticks and stone are never gonna shake me
Oh, oh, oh

I like that part. The message is clear too. But then she goes into the chorus and that's where everything falls apart for me. Natasha Bedingfield is practically yelling for someone to “take me away“…

Take me away (take me away)
A secret place (a secret place)
A sweet escape (a sweet escape)
Take me away (take me away)
Take me away (take me away
To better days (to better days)
Take me away (take me away)

As you can imagine, her live performance on American Idol last night didn't do anything to change my opinion about the song and the way the chorus part was being annoyingly belted out was cloy in my ears. It made it worse actually, heh. Watch the video of Natasha Bedignfield's performance on American Idol after the fold…

Sorry Natasha, you're cute and all but I wish someone would actually take you away maybe then you'd shut up about it, heh!

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