This Just In: Natalie Portman’s Son Aleph Has Hair, Looks Like A Person, Is A Redhead

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When last we checked in with Natalie Portman‘s young son Aleph Millepied, he was still looking generically baby-like. (As most babies do.) He was cute, sure, but if you cut his mom out of the picture, there wasn't much to distinguish him from any of the billions of other cute babies that exist in the world.

But no longer! As you can see from the above photo, Aleph is now a handsome one-year-old, complete with shaggy hair, complex facial expressions, and even an emerging sense of style. He's no longer a sausage in a blanket, but a small, growing, genetically blessed person of his very own.

And he's a redhead! Personally, I think gingers are the cutest, so I hope he keeps his hair color as he gets older. With parents like that, you just know he's going to be good looking, and red hair only makes hot people hotter in my (admittedly unpopular) opinion. I just hope his parents teach him to be nice to girls, because with looks like that, they're going to like him a whole lot.

(Via The Daily Mail)

Image credit: Xclusive