Natalie Portman Refuses To Complain About The Paparazzi, And All I Can Say Is Thank You

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natalie portman faces garden state

If you told me to make a list of celebrities who also happen to be class acts, Natalie Portman would be very close to the top. Just sandwiched right in between fellow class acts like Meryl Streep and Emma Watson. Not only has she survived 19 years in the spotlight without a scandal, but she's also an amazing actress who managed to squeeze a Harvard education into her busy acting career. Remind me of the last time you managed to squeeze a Harvard education in? Was it never? Because mine was definitely never. (Although get an ivy league education has been on my to-do list for ages.)

Nat's currently starring in Thor alongside Chris Hemsworth, a movie that I'm pretty sure is about a hot guy holding a hammer for two hours.  What she does in the movie remains unclear. Maybe she's the evil villain who tries to trick him with screwdrivers and wrenches and other tools that are not as useful as a hammer. Or maybe she's the owner of the hardware store who sold him the hammer and is now trying to get him to endorse her store. I don't know and I refuse to take the effort to google it and find out.

Regardless of my self-imposed ignorance, the movie's still happening. As part of her promotional duties for the movie, she sat down with Marie Claire to discuss herself. In the discussion, she makes it clear that part of being famous is dealing with the paparazzi.

For one thing, she refuses to be another spoiled star whining about the price of fame. “This isn't a problem,” she ss, more than once. “I'm very happy.”

And to this, I just have to say THANK YOU NATALIE PORTMAN. After getting verbally accosted all morning by Kristen Stewart fans who claim that she's a victim of her own fame, it's incredibly refreshing to hear a celebrity be honest about the situation. I have no doubt that being stalked by creeps with cameras must be incredibly frustrating. But I also have no doubt that it's a survivable situation. Why do I think that? Because if it really was the worst thing ever, there would be less celebrities. Now, bear in mind, I'm removing the children of celebrities from this equation. They should not be followed by paparazzi because they did not personally sell their soul for fame. However it's important to remember that many of the celebrities you do see in the tabloids are there because they want to be seen. Many of the celebrities you do not see are not there because they do not want to be seen.

Natalie Portman's Black Swan director says the same in the interview:

And yet Portman remains steadfast in her determination to live a low-profile life. “She's a very private person,” explains Darren Aronofsky, who directed Black Swan. “But because she's been in the spotlight since she was so young and she's so beautiful, there's this real attention on her. Usually people who are haunted by the paparazzi say they don't want it, but they do. Natalie has no interest in that. She's not playing that game.”

While I could rant about celebrities who complain about the paparazzi (but not about their billion dollar paychecks) all day long, I'll instead just wrap this up by reminding you of Natalie Portman's best performance — herself at the 2011 Golden Globes.

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