Natalia Livingston Is Leaving General Hospital

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20031011_cob_w38_562 For the second time around, Natalia Livingstong is leaving General Hospital. This time, as Rebecca Shaw. The first time she was killed off as Emily Quartermaine.

She was brought back in as Rebecca Shaw who turned out to be Emily’s long-lost twin. It was a good concept at first. But as the story progressed, the writers didn’t know how to write the character into the canvas. They screwed up big time. Like I said, the concept was ideal but they ran out of ideas what to do next once it was revealed that Rebacca is Emily’s twin.

They focused too much on the Nikolas angle. The writer couldn’t find a way to incorporate her into the Quartermaine family. But then again, The Q’s somehow became persona non grata in Port Charles these days. Then there’s the brother relationship between Emily and Jason. After the initial shock of discovering her in the hospital crisis, Jason pretty much had no contact with Rebecca.

There were possible storylines they could have written Natalia’s comeback but nothing came to fruition. Oh well. Once again, I wish Natalia well and hope she finds something better coz she’s a great actress and she deserves to find something that’ll challenge her again. Hope to see her soon in another show.

(Image : Zuma Press)