Your Musical Guide To Last Night’s Nashville: Juliette Shoplifts While Rayna Plays Politician’s Wife

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Nashville 1x04 "We Live In Two Different Worlds" recap songs soundtrack "Changing Ground" Connie Britton Hayden Panettiere

Welcome to our new recap series, Your Musical Guide To Last Night's Nashville! Every episode we watch, we find ourselves dying to know what songs accompanied the dramatic ex-lovers' reunion, all the country music label intrigue, and of course what songs Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere are actually singing! So we decided the best way to recap the show is to take you through the ballads the cast is crooning, since obviously the producers chose 'em for a reason.

Last night's episode 1×04 “We Live In Two Different Worlds” featured only one song from the cast, mostly because Juliette was too busy dealing with the fallout of her shoplifting video winding up on YouTube… oh, and her druggie mom mooching off her again. Rayna dealt with a whole other kind of stress, as she agreed to play a song at the country club for Teddy‘s campaign even though she hates everyone there. Meanwhile, Scarlett struggled with the notion that her boyfriend Avery might not be willing to grow with her as she becomes more famous, and her friend Gunnar got a new love interest at the publishing house.

Let's jump right into it!

“Murder of Crows”
Performed by: Lindi Ortega

The cold open was pretty good. Even though it starts with Rayna having a happy little sex dream about her ex-lover (but still singing partner) Deacon, the real focus was on Juliette's shoplifting. Personally I thought it was a little overdramatic that the national news pegs her for lifting one bottle of nail polish, but perhaps that's a commentary on news outlets grabbing on to any little piece of celebrity gossip. At any rate, we know that it stems from her trust issues with her mother—which was clear when the cops came to her door and she assumed they were here for her mom.

“This Can't Be The Last Time”
Performed by: Sugar & the Hi-Lows

Honestly, I would've liked to see more of the intrigue among the songwriters. Hailey takes Scarlett, Avery, and Gunnar out to dinner to celebrate them joining the team, but we can already see Hailey and Gunnar flirting even though he's crushing on Scarlett. It all started when Gunnar accidentally nabbed Hailey's yogurt from the fridge, but even when Avery is getting uncomfortable with how Scarlett describes her writing process, you notice Hailey trading looks with Gunnar.

“By Your Hand”
Performed by: Los Campesinos!

Gunnar comes over to tell Scarlett that they got the deal. Yay! But I'm much more interested in Scarlett finding out that Gunnar and Hailey slept together…

“Hit The Road”
Performed by: Sherrie St. Germain

And here we go! Scarlett goes to meet Gunnar at his apartment, only to see him leaving with Hailey. She hides in her car so they won't notice her. I'll admit, I glimpsed this episode at a Thai place I was getting dinner earlier in the evening, and having not watched before I thought Gunnar was Scarlett's boyfriend. Now it's even more interesting to see her get jealous when she doesn't really have a right to. Though considering the way that Avery's been treating her, I wouldn't be surprised if she is expecting some attention she's no longer getting.

“Alright You Restless”
Performed by: AgesandAges

Oh, Juliette. It would be so easy for her to apologize for her shoplifting, but she's too proud and instead launches into a diatribe against all her haters. And then she concocts some weak story about being too distracted by all her fans to pay for the nail polish! It's ridiculous, and it costs her sponsors for her tour.

“Changing Ground”
Performed by: Connie Britton

Of course I can't help but compare Nashville to Country Strong. Even though Gwyneth Paltrow never performs at a political event, this song still really reminded me of her character putting on a brave face. Similarly, Rayna and Deacon do exactly what they're paid to do: Perform a pleasing song about strength and such at the event. But backstage, Rayna calls Deacon “not just self-destructive, but destructive” and says she's done with him. No more naughty dreams, then?


Performed by: Trent Dabbs

Another song without a video, but since Trent's music has appeared on Grey's Anatomy, you have an idea of the mood they were trying to establish. Here's where we're at on the two B-story love plots: Gunnar buys Hailey a fridge full of yogurt as a way to flirt (aww), and then we find out, less wholesomely, that Teddy has been stepping out on Rayna! She was uncomfortable when seeing his ex-lover Peggy, and with good reason: They seem to have been carrying on an affair for some time now!

It comes as less of a shock now that we know how much Rayna still wants Deacon, but it still casts his character in a new light. Peggy wants to come clean, but Teddy seems to think that they can continue to get away with it. Dude, you're a politician. This is not gonna end well.

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