The Nashville Season Two Promo Has Spoilers, So You Better Watch Yourself

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Hayden Panettiere in Nashville season two promoPraise the Great Country Music Singer in the sky, because Nashville is returning to my humble television set soon for its second season. You remember Nashville, right? It's that television show that, on paper, I have nothing in common with. You see, I don't like country music, I don't care for Hayden Panettiere, never watched Friday Night Lights, so I have no obsession with Connie Britton aside from the obvious one on her hair…and yet I'm addicted.

BECAUSE THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD. Once in a great while, a television programme comes along that is greater than the sum of its parts, and Nashville is that show. In addition to giving me the obvious lady-boner for Connie Britton, it's also made me actually like Hayden Panettiere enough to admire and appreciate her acting, and I've gotten as far as the show iTunes page, where I stare mournfully at the singles I enjoy so much and cross my fingers that someone I know will gift it to me. I mean, my birthday's coming up. Just saying.

Anyway, this majestic piece of modern-day soap opera (and I really do mean that in the best possible way) returns on September 25th, so you better get at that season two promo if you know what's good for you. Just be warned, it contains some basic spoilers from last season's cliff-hanger.

Did you catch all that? It whizzed by pretty quickly, but the basic plot points are Juliette complaining, Deacon regretting, Scarlett gazing, Gunnar kissing and OMG RAYNA IN A COMA. As I'm sure you recall, Deacon got drunkypants because he found out he's Maddie's father and went on a bender, requiring Rayna to come fetch him, and then one thing led to another and they rolled the car. They rolled it over and over and over but Rayna's not dead! Huzzah! She's flat-lining and whatnot, but she's still alive.

Can't wait for the season two premiere. So glad ABC got their act together and didn't cancel it.