Dear ABC — Do Yourselves A Favor And Don’t Get Rid Of Nashville

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Connie Britton Nashville still season 1 episode 12Bestill my beating eyes, because they've just glimpsed some potentially terrible news: ABC may not renew Nashville for another season?? What the eff is that mumbo-jumbo? Mostly I just figure that everyone likes the same stuff that I do for the same reasons, so I guess I'm not really up-to-date on the viewership numbers or critical reception, but I kind of assumed this show was doing great. So imagine my surprise when I'm clicking through HuffPo‘s slideshow of shows and see ‘on the bubble' next to a picture of Connie Britton and her shimmering glimmering hair. Given, I'm not 100% convinced that these co-called experts really know what they're talking about, mostly because they're still designating The Bachelor as ‘likely to be renewed' instead of ‘yeah right, like there's even a question, what are you, stupid?', which I think is probably more accurate.

But why isn't Nashville a slam dunk?! I love that show! (Plus I don't even like country music or soap operas usually, so my opinion should count for like…five opinions.) It's so good that I don't even mind the constant divorces and betrayals and love affairs and hoaxes. It's so good that it makes me love those things! It might actually be my favorite show to watch right now, because it's such great mindless entertainment. Connie Britton is such a low-key, natural performer, and they even found a way to cast Hayden Panettiere in a role where my inherent mild annoyance at her combination of perkiness and stiffness actually serves as a positive instead of a negative. I like the show so much that I'll even forgive the extremely rough-around-the-edges Southern accents coming out of the mouths of Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen if I get just a few extra minutes of ogling Charles Esten as Deacon and marveling at the absurd talent levels of the two kids — Lennon and Maisy Stella.

So do me, and us, and yourselves a favor, ABC, and renew this show, because I'll be damned if I can go back to my empty Wednesday nights.

(Image: ABC)