Your Musical Guide To Last Night’s Nashville: Am I The Only One Happy About Rayna’s Divorce?

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On this week’s Nashville, the news of Rayna’s divorce is out. Just like any celebrity divorce in our world, the split of Nashville’s high-powered couple is big news. For most of the episode, Rayna is struggling to keep her private life out of the press for the sake of the children.

 “Stronger Than Me”

Played By: Rayna James

I think she came off as a little ridiculous when she confronted Teddy about his affair. She’s acting like he’s the reason their marriage is ending, and that seems incredibly unfair to me. Don’t get me wrong; I think Teddy’s affair is disgusting. But they aren’t getting divorced strictly because of Teddy’s affair and to imply as much is crazy. I don’t like seeing Rayna mope around playing the victim.

We saw lots and lots of drama this week between the Scott boys, Gunnar and Jason. It appears as if big bro isn’t quite over spending eight years in jail while Gunnar was free to live his life. We’ve known since the beginning that Jason hasn’t been truthful with his brother about leaving his past behind, but Gunnar seemed slightly surprised. They had a huge fight over the gun found in Jason’s things. Jason insisted he needed it for protection, but Gunnar throws it into the river.

The next time we see Jason is on a slab at the local morgue. He’s beaten to death in an alley. Naturally, Gunnar feels responsible for kicking him out and leaving him without a way to defend himself. So what happens? Well, he and Scarlett hook up of course. Ahhh, I’m nervous about this.

 “We Are Water”

Played By: Juliette Barnes

Juliette was very preoccupied planning a surprise party for Deacon this week. That worries me for two reasons. One reason is that I’m not sure what her feelings are for Deacon. They’ve slept together before, but he’s clearly never gotten over Rayna. I just don’t want Juliette to turn into an emotional basket case if she has more than friendly feelings for him—feelings he doesn’t return.

My other problem with her preoccupation this week is that I think she’s focused on the wrong person in her life. She made a big step last week inviting her mother to move in with her. That doesn’t really mean anything if she isn’t going to spend time with her. I liked that her mother’s addiction counselor wasn’t afraid to call her out for only providing financial support. Too bad she didn’t listen until it was too late. It's understandable why she doesn't want to focus on her mother, especially after hearing what Juliette went through as a child. Hopefully, they can try to work through their issues with the counselor for both their sakes.

Deacon’s birthday was this week. And I have to say sitting at home watching “Old Yeller” every year just seems so Deacon (which is something I know since we’re like such close friends). I was surprised he wasn’t more upset about the party. Though, that wasn’t the really juicy Deacon dish from this episode. The Deacon and Rayna scenes this week showed some promise for a relationship between them in the future. Though I can’t imagine how he’s going to react when he finds out that Maddie is really his child. And make no mistake about it, he’ll definitely find out.

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