Your Musical Guide To Last Night’s Nashville: Drinking, Dancing, and Divorcing

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NashvilleI really, really want to like Rayna James but sometimes she makes it hard. On last night’s episode of Nashville, we saw how devastated she was after her husband, Teddy, asked her for a divorce. She walked around in a daze for the whole beginning of the episode. All I kept asking myself was, why?

I know they’ve been married for years and they have children together. That makes things difficult. I understand. But why is she in such a funk when she never really appeared too invested in her marriage anyways? There’s clearly something still there between her and Deacon, plus she never wants to talk about her issues with Teddy. They always pretend everything is ok when nothing could be further from the truth. I feel like I could understand their characters so much better if I could see just what happened all those years ago. It might be easier to understand why they’re all so emotionally f-ed up if we could get a glimpse into the past.

I won’t lie, drinking and dancing to forget about your problems is my kind of advice. However, I’m really not a fan of the person doling it out in this episode. Liam fooled me when he first came onto the scene a few episodes back, but now I just think he’s annoying. Hooking up with him while she’s an emotional mess is definitely not Rayna’s smartest idea. I guess I liked that we finally got to see her not being so serious and melodramatic. Though, that didn’t last long.

Something else that didn’t last long in this episode was Juliette’s good mood. That’s thanks in part to her manager, Glenn. I know that he sees himself as Juliette’s father figure looking out for her best interests. But why can’t he just let Juliette pursue the kind of music she wants?  It’s nice to see Juliette excited about her music rather than self-destructive behavior. So it was a bummer to see her throw a tantrum as soon as she learns that not everyone is going to be on board with changing her brand.


Played by: Scarlett and Gunnar

My favorite pair, Scarlett and Gunnar, had a cute flirty encounter in their apartment this week. Plus, they got the news that Rayna wants to meet with them about her new label. Sounds like a pretty good morning to me. So when Gunnar’s brother showed up something obviously had to go wrong. You can tell he loves Gunnar, but he clearly doesn’t have his shit together. Between that gun in his bag and his overall sketchiness, I smell trouble.

Scarlett’s ex, Avery, is learning that the country music scene isn’t as glamorous as he thought it’d be. He still hasn’t seen any real money, and everyone is trying to change his sound. I’m not sure making a deal with Hailey is a great idea, but I do think seeing the two of them together would provide some entertainment. We’re so used to seeing Avery as the bad guy with good girl Scarlett, but Hailey isn’t the type to let people walk all over her. It’d be a nice change of pace.

There’s never a dull moment in Nashville, and I expect drama in the coming weeks. Juliette has invited her mother to move in with her. Deacon is fed up with Rayna, and Rayna knows Teddy lied to her about his relationship with Peggy. It’ll be interesting to see how it all unfolds.