Naomi Watts And Robin Wright Are Basically Recreating SNL’s ‘Motherlover’ In The Grandmothers

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When you think of MILFs, the most highbrow you can really get is The Graduate. (The most lowbrow being Jennifer Coolidge in American Pie, of course.) But now there's a new film project taking on the older woman/younger man romance, and it sounds classy as hell: The Grandmothers, starring Naomi Watts and Robin Wright as two lifelong friends both attracted to younger men.

The twist? They're lusting after each other's sons, who are both grown men and married.

THR describes the film as an “erotic tale of misguided love and a celebration of the enduring nature of female friendship,” which is corroborated in the short novel on which it's based. Here's the synopsis of Doris Lessing‘s story The Grandmothers:

Rozeanne and Liliane, two British schoolgirls, end up as neighbours after they get married. The marriages crumble but their friendship keeps on. Both are infatuated with one another's son, to the boys' wives dismay.

We don't know much else plotwise, but we do know who the young men will be. AnonymousXavier Samuel and unknown James Frecheville will portray the objects of Naomi's and Robin's affections.

This sounds interesting if only because it's about vicariously exploring the whole Oedipal complex; I'm curious if the young men actually return the women's affections. The studio obviously hired two incredibly attractive actresses who resemble each other… so again you have that Oedipal vibe.

Yeah, I'd see that.