Happy Birthday To Freddie Prinze, Jr. — My Original Crush

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Freddie Prinze Jr. Kids Choice Awards 2002

Happy 37th birthday to Freddie Prinze, Jr., my very first crush, and one that's never truly released its unrealistic hold on my heart. Remember Freddie Prinze, Jr., you guys? His rakish black hair? His sparkling eyes? His pale, blemish-free skin? His ruby red lips and his winning smile? …I think I may have just described the male version of Snow White, but no matter! What was it about FPJ? There were definitely guys out there who were scientifically hotter, but something about his personality had them all beat.

I think She's All That was really the deal-breaker in terms of me ever having eyes for anyone but him. I'm told that if I were to watch that movie in my adult life, I'd be overwhelmed by how much of a stereotype it is, but at the time it was my most favoritest. I wasn't bothered by Zack Siler's awkward hacky-sack performance art because I was too busy imagining him being dazzled by my beauty when I took off my glasses for the first time. Imagine, a guy who's so interested in me that he'd bring a herd of soccer players to clean my dad's house so I could come have zero fun flaunting my jumblies in a one-piece at the beach. I think I probably watched that movie more times than any other in my teenage years, and every time I was able to forgive Zack for making a bet about Laney…and that's all thanks to Freddie.

What other guy could pull off an -ie and a Jr. in his name, dyeing his hair platinum blond, and doing the I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise? No other guy, that's who. And you know what the best part is? My crush on him was one of the only instincts from that time period that turned out to be advisable, because he turned out to be a really great guy! He got married to Sarah Michelle Gellar, had a couple adorable kids, and calmly and responsibly moved from young adulthood to adulthood out of the public eye, all the while avoiding any rehab stays, drug addictions, or DUIs. I didn't do a lot of stuff right at age fourteen, but at least I picked a helluva crush, right ladies?

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