My Christmas Gifts To Port Charles Residents

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My Christmas Gifts To Port Charles Residents 20090929 zaf d79 497 thumb jpg And lastly, my gifts to some of the Port Charles (General Hospital) residents. Generally  speaking though, all of them probably need a year of non-mob related issues. Hey, I’m just saying.

Jason and Sam – a whole day episode of passionate lovemaking. Oh, and perhaps a Mob of their own. They’d be better off starting their own mob organization since they’re doing all the work for Sonny anyway. I know I said PC needs 1 year off of mob but let’s face it, that will never happen. So might as well join the party. Except Jason and Sam should be hosting their own Mob party.

Sonny – a pastel polo shirt, and jeans. The guy needs to venture away from the blacks and grays and suits once in a while.

Olivia – a girlfriend she can talk to. She’s friends with Carly but the things Olivia knows are the things she shouldn’t be telling Carly. So yeah, Olivia needs a girlfriend to hang out with and spend a non-stressful day, once a week, at least.

Johnny – a smile on his face. He hasn’t smiled in a  really long time.We need to see them dimples.

Luke – new clients at his casino. So people would actually pay for the drinks and he’ll earn some money. He and Ethan are the only ones drinking the liquor. They should be bankrupt by now.

Ethan – a girlfriend. He’s too hot to not have anyone.

Lucky – his Momma. He’ll need her when he finds out that his fiancée is having an affair with his brother.

Nikolas – Emily’s ghost to tell him what a douche bag he really is.

Elizabeth – a session with Dr. Laura Schlessinger. She’s the closest person I could think of on possibly the most effective person to tell Liz not to sleep with her fiancée’s brother. Well, her and maybe Judge Judy.

Carly and Jax – a trip to Australia to introduce Josslyn to Lady Jane. With Morgan and Michael of course. Michael sure needs a new scenery.

Franco – well, he can just hang out with me. That’s my gift to him.  Hehehehe.

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