Open Thread: What Movies Look Crappy But Are Actually Must-Watch-Amazing?

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Christina Ricci with pig nose in Penelope blinking GIF

You may have noticed that we've been trying out open threads on Crushable lately, and there are a few reasons for that. First of all, it helps us get a feel for who's out there reading our site and what they're thinking and feeling. All that good stuff. But a lot of the other reasons are totally selfish, because we get to pick your brains for information that directly benefit our own lives.

For example, I started watching Sherlock because so many commenters couldn't believe that I hadn't already, and look at me now! I'm obsessed, but I never would have made the decision to watch that show just on my own. You see, we're up to our eyeballs in pop culture over here, so there are bound to be things that slip through the cracks once in a while. For example, there are so many movies to see that if a trailer rubs me the wrong way, I probably won't go see the movie itself. Or if I'm not immediately hooked by the description of a show, I'll probably write it off.

…unless somebody tells me not to. Which is where you guys come in! I can be a little judge-y about things I'm not super impressed by right off the bat, so now's your opportunity to tell me (and everyone) the error of our ways. (God knows nobody wants to spend two and a half hours finding out for themselves.) What crappy-looking movies out there are we wrong about, that should actually be in the must-watch category?

For me, it's the movie Penelope. It stars Christina Ricci with a pig nose, which understandably throws people off, but don't be fooled! It's amazing and I'm obsessed with it, not only because it's where I first fell in love with James McAvoy, although that definitely helps. It's just a sweet, surprisingly simple, quirky movie with some big names in it, and (bonus!) it's on Netflix, so I throw it on anytime I'm craving something familiar.

So what's that movie for you guys? TELL US WHAT WE'RE MISSING.

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