Just Some Pop Culture Must-Have Holiday Gift Ideas Inspired By Pinterest

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The season of shopping giving is finally here. For those of you that braved the storm that is Black Friday, we commend you. We also shake our heads in sadness. Why do that to yourself when online shopping is so much easier? No long lines. No passive-aggressive elbow extensions. No masses of people hoarded like animals in heat on the hunt for the perfect TV. The idea of camping outside of Walmart overnight and casually falling asleep on a stranger’s shoulders to endure this nonsense just doesn't sound like a good time.

In the event that you didn't torture yourself and you're now scrambling for some good gift ideas, we've decided to come to your rescue.


As we've said before, Pinterest is perfect for all those who loooove categorizing stuff. And just as we used our Pinterest account for Thanksgiving recipe inspiration, now we've done the same for the upcoming holidays. Let’s face it, there’s no better place for creating a Wish List of all the things you’d like to give (or receive) this holiday season. We’re here to help you get started. You’re welcome.

Our Pop Culture Wish List board has tons of unique gift idea to tickle all sorts of feathers. Game Of Thrones junkies will appreciate the direwolf tank we pinned (yay #KingOfTheNorth) or the collectors series of A Song of Ice and Fire. To throw it back a bit there’s some awesome Sunnydale T-Shirts for the Buffy The Vampire Slayer lovers out there. Harry Potter goodies also made the list, and you can never go wrong with Harry. Even the classics are covered with a Wizard Of Oz themed bookmark! Of course there are some implausible things on there, such as the Batmobile. Hey, we can dream, right?

If you’re stuck with playing Secret Santa and you’re not sure what your Secret Santee (is that the correct phrase? I guess giftee might be more acceptable. Whatever, Santee it is) is into, then check out our classic Wish List board for inspiration. Unless your name is Daddy Warbucks you won’t be able to afford everything on there, but there’s some great stuff that everyone could use. A portable phone charger for instance…



Happy shopping everyone!

Photo: Johnny Louis/WENN.com