19 Amazing Musicians Who Got Their Start On a Reality Show

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Reality TV shows don't always get the best rep when it comes to generating actual talent. While they claim to be on the lookout for the next big superstar, many people suspect that they're actually looking for either shock value or drama. While that may be partially true, some shows have actually given us some super talented stars alongside gossip-worthy scandal. Music-based reality shows, in particular, have kick-started some seriously successful careers.

Whether you're a fan of American Idol or more of an X Factor kind of reality show fan, you'll know full well that some of the biggest artists out there today got their starts on your favorite show. However, you might not realize that some other incredibly famous faces appeared on now-forgotten reality shows back in their childhood years. Here are just some of the amazing musicians who got their start on reality TV. Incredibly, some of the most talented singers out there didn't actually manage to clinch a TV win…