17 Famous Musicians Who are Great Actors

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There are plenty of actors who forgo their acting careers to become musicians. But what about the reverse? Lucky for us, many creative people are great at many different things. A ton of the musicians who have dipped their toes in the acting pool have absolutely nailed it. Even the most unexpected pop stars and rappers somehow find their place in Hollywood. These musicians have even begun to put their music on the backburner to pursue their acting careers! That's how talented they are at their newfound artistic route!

Despite these talented musicians showing us their acting chops, there's still a bit of hesitation everytime a singer decides they want to act. Will they be good? Is this just a publicity ploy? It's hard not to just want artists to stay in their lane, especially with the number of talented musicians who make fools of themselves on the big screen! But, luckily for us, that's not true for everyone who decides to try something new. Here are some great musicians who proved they're equally great actors!