17 Musical Artists Who Totally Changed Up Their Sound

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When a singer has been in the music industry for a while, it's inevitable that their particular ‘sound' changes and evolves over time. Whether it's subtle stylistic tweaks or a totally blatant change of genre, switching things up can prevent a singer's material from becoming boring or cliched. You don't want people to start complaining that all of your songs sound the same! Likewise, artists sometimes switch their sound around just for the fun of it. They might want to try something new, be a bit experimental, or just confuse their fans for the fun of it. Yes, I'm thinking about that time Snoop Dogg became a reggae artist. That was a plot twist and a half…

Some of the biggest stars in the world today started out singing in a style that's totally different to that of their present records. Just look at Taylor Swift, who's definitely left her country roots behind. Question is, did these musicians make the right choice in changing up their sound, or should they have stuck to their original genre? We'll let you decide…