Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day: Music Videos Without Music Does ‘Thrift Shop’

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Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day  Music Videos Without Music Does  Thrift Shop  Thrift Shop still Macklemore and Ryan Lewis jpgHi! Hi hi hi hi! It’s the end of the day! Almost time to go home from work and relax in a giant bubble bath! Orrrr go to happy hour with your friends! Orrrr sit in your office chair and watch Nashville online until it’s time for your improv set in the basement of a bar tonight! No hintsies as to which one I’ll be doing! But anyway, since you’re just been staring into space for the last forty-five minutes anyway, biding your time until your boss moves out of range of your cubicle so you can make a last-ditch effort to the door, you might as well watch a funny video while you’re still sitting there, right? RIGHT. And since, as we all know, the best video to watch at the end of the day is a stupid one, that doesn’t make you think at all — boy do I have just the thing for you! It’s called ‘Music Videos Without Music’, from CollegeHumor, and they’re taking on ‘Thrift Shop’, by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

It’s so charmingly, simply hilarious; they take out all the background music, so the only sounds you hear are from what’s actually on-screen. So if no one’s there rapping, you won’t hear rapping, you’ll hear the sound that shoes make when they jump on couches, or the sound arms make when they flap in fur coats. It’s oddly genius, and for some reason it cracks me up, too. Particularly the moment when the guy goes past the camera as R. Kelly with his sheet over his head? That killed me, I don’t know why. Kudos to you, gremlins of the internet world, for letting me finish my workday with a silly little chuckle. Now if you’ll excuse me, Rayna James is calling.