MTV’s ‘Married Young’ Is Basically An ‘Engaged and Underage’ Reboot

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With the massive success of Teen Mom, it's not at all surprising that MTV is sticking with their teens-trying-to-do-adult-stuff formula. They've just announced plans for a new show called Married Young, which is about people who … married young. Brilliant, right?

One of my favorite shortly lived MTV shows was Engaged and Underage. Though it only lasted two seasons (well, two seasons and then a few random episodes), it was an interesting way to look at couples who got married between the ages of 18-22, primarily because a) they were religious and really wanted to bone, b) they were having a baby, and c) at least one of them was obviously gay and overcompensating. It sounds like Married Young is going to be a revamped version of that show, with the difference being that they follow the couples after the wedding instead of before. According to Entertainment Weekly, “The cameras tune in after the couple’s honeymoon and follow the couple through their first year as husband and wife. The show will feature a range of couples and will show that grown-up responsibilities can be tough on young people, even without a kid in the picture.”

Do you think any of the 16 and Pregnant girls who got married could end up on this show? Jordan Ward and Brian Finder might be good for this, considering they have a second kid on the way. Talk about crossover potential…