MTV Gods Exist Because Last Night The Challenge Was Everything I Asked For And More

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Last week I prayed to the MTV gods and asked them to bring back the old ways of The Challenge. I cried out for old-school manipulation, tears, and interesting hook-ups. Well someone down there must have been listening because this week I got what I asked for.

Manipulation came in two forms last night: unsuccessfully through Ryan Knight and successfully though Christian “CJ” Koegel. Up until last night I completely overlooked Knight and was fairly certain he’d fade into the background. Boy did he prove me wrong. Last night, after his team was almost thrown into the challenge in last week’s episode, Knight decided to pull a Wes Bergmann and start messing with people. Knight must have a really shallow bag of tricks because his most creative form of manipulation was throwing Nany Gonzalez’s clothes into the pool. This was dumb. Nany didn’t really care, and as a result his ex Jemmye Carole got more upset over it than Nany did.  I’m still not 100% convinced this wasn’t actually an episode of that other MTV show True Life: I’m 25 And Still In Middle School.

Now, on the other hand, CJ from Cancun is the new Wes (they used to be best friends – coincidence? I think not). CJ successfully controls the other teams by pretending to be their father. Last night he told Chet Cannon that he was “proud of him as a competitor.” Sweet. Chet wasn’t buying it, but I think the rest of the house is. Why else would Cancun keep winning challenges and single-handedly choosing who gets to go home?  I’m going to go ahead and predict that Cancun takes this whole thing home, but certainly not without a fight from Real World: Las Vegas.

After Knight’s awful attempt at being a sneaky asshole (he’ll come back into play later though, so don’t worry) Eric Banks a.k.a Big Easy saves the day and scoops Nany’s clothes out of the pool like the hero that he is. Last week I questioned why Big Easy was on the show and this week I got my answer: to find love. Big Easy has developed a wonderful (and completely random) relationship with one of my favorite players on the show, Devyn Simone. Too bad I can’t get too excited about this, because next week it’s going to be ripped away from me since they’re going into the arena against one another. Ugh. I stand by my previous statement: nothing is easy for Big Easy.

Now later on in the episode Knight comes back for attempt numero dos at controlling the game. This time he is semi-successful and brings Nany’s tears with him. After the bus ride home and a night of drinking, Nany has a mental breakdown because Knight keeps calling her a bitch (and some other middle school insults). Soon everybody is trying to hold Nany back from…what? beating up Knight? I’m not really sure. There is about 20 minutes of straight screaming and I loved it. I’ll give Knight some points for bringing me the tears I was looking for, but only a few because he had to get everybody – including himself – drunk to do it.

To wrap things up, in true old-school MTV style (hallelujah) last night’s episode ended on a cliffhanger, and I’m excited to watch next week.

Screenshots: MTV.com