MTV Might Have Edited Teen Mom 2 Footage For Ratings, In Other News Grass Is Green

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kail lowry

For those of you out there who are familiar with the Teen Mom franchise (because that's kind of what it is), you remember when Teen Mom‘s Amber punched Gary in the face on national television and how she was subsequently charged with domestic abuse as a direct result of that.  Well, the new trailer for the upcoming season 4 of Teen Mom 2 shows Kail Lowry pushing/shoving her then-boyfriend, now-husband Javi Marroquin.

This is disturbing for several reasons, two of which are that Kail is pretty much the only mother on the show that has a brain and an ounce of respectability when she's not trying to win the “Most Miserable Young Person In The World” contest.  The other reason is that while yes, MTV is just “doing its job” by documenting “real” events that occur in these girls' lives, the possibility that the show may have been an instigating factor in the alleged abuse, or edited the footage in any way to make it seem like Kail is headed down the same path as Amber, is bullshit.

Kail has already publicly apologized for her role in the fight, but since the season hasn't begun airing yet, no one can say for sure what happened, how serious it was, or if she'll be charged like Amber was.  (I doubt it, because Amber punched Gary on what seemed like a daily basis in front of their probably-already-irrevocably-scarred child.)

A friend of Kail Lowry's who was an eye witness to the altercation doesn't seem too pleased with the way MTV is making Kail look:

“She never hit him. She pushed him out of frustration and was instantly sorry for her actions … That day there were 14 people in Kail’s tiny house, including an eight-person camera crew. It was so hectic and Kail was very frustrated and she just lost it for a minute. Javi forgave her that day, even though MTV tries to make it look like he leaves the house after the incident. In fact, he went outside to go help his parents fix Kail’s car.”

Look, I know this is what these girls “sign up for.”  I get it.  But they're so young and most of them are so incredibly misguided or not guided at all that it really bothers me that MTV feeds off of their poor decisions and may even cause some of them.  I wasn't a teen mother, but when I think about some of the stupid shit I was doing at their age I can't really judge them.  (Everyone except Jenelle and Leah, anyway.  Those two are beyond sense.)

Since the incident, Kail has apparently been diagnosed as bi-polar and has sought help to manage it.  Bottom line: she's young, she has no family support system, she's a single mother, she's in the national spotlight, and her baby's father thinks he's a serious rapper.  Let's give her some credit.

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