MTV Is Doing a New Show About High School Dropouts

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MTV clearly loves young adult reality shows: they already have two huge hit shows about teenage parenting (16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom), and they've announced a new show about young newlyweds. Up next: they're reportedly casting for an as-yet-unnamed show about high school dropouts. The premise is that young people who have dropped out of school will get the chance to take classes in the profession of their choice taught by someone from that industry – for example, say, if someone says they want to be a rapper, maybe Jay-Z will show up for a special tutoring session. Or aspiring chefs can get some pointers from Bobby Flay.

Starcasm reports that MTV is doing casting at a public library in Waukegan, Illinois, a middle-class suburb of Chicago. A press release on the Waukegan Library website reads:

MTV Networks has put out a casting call for students in the Chicago area who have dropped out of high school. The Regional Office of Education was contacted by the casting team and we are now partnering with MTV for an on-site casting in Lake County. We also felt this would be a great opportunity to hold a mini-resource fair for our students who have dropped out of school to find their way back into the classroom or into the workforce. The ROE staff reached out to the College of Lake County and their staff in order to work together for the benefit of ex-high school students in the area.

The production being cast is based on a popular show in the United Kingdom. The concept is that 20 students between 17-21 will have the opportunity to become excited about school again with classes taught by people at the top of their fields (ex: an Olympic Medalist as the gym teacher). The show is not meant to follow the students and expose them as failures; the intent is to show the students being motivated to further their education.

If this is something MTV is doing, I kind of like the concept and think it has promise – it could be a more adult version of Made, but in order for it to really have an effect the ‘characters' would need to be on the show for a lot more than one episode. And this is a perfect opportunity for existing MTV stars/high school dropouts like Chelsea Houska and Amber Portwood to get more money and appear on another reality show.