Video: Mrs. Doubtfire Recut As A Horror Movie Makes Perfect Sense, Since It’s So Messed Up To Begin With

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I know that Mrs. Doubtfire is supposed to be some feel-good '90s comedy with Robin Williams being all goofy with his wacky disguises and hilarious imitations, and a whole cast of other famous actors (Pierce Brosnan, Mara Wilson, Matthew Lawrence) going along with his antics. But this movie has always stressed me the fuck out.

Robin Williams' character Daniel isn't allowed to see his kids, so he conjures up an entirely different persona — a 60-year-old British nanny — and hoodwinks his wife into hiring him. That's not devoted, that's borderline Dissociative Identity Disorder. Then you have all those nail-biting scenes, like when his son walks in on what looks to him like an elderly woman peeing with a penis (!) and that sequence in the restaurant where Daniel has to keep switching between his real self and his Mrs. Doubtfire disguise while out to dinner with the family and taking a meeting about a legitimate TV job.

Oh, and the awful scene where the judge is convinced that he's psychotic and threatens to take away his kids forever. Any giggles this movie might have brought out are overshadowed by the tears I remember crying at what seemed like such a brutal sentence. Furthermore, Jenni points out that even though they make Sally Field seem like a bitch, she's totally in the right.

With all that in mind, of course someone re-cut Mrs. Doubtfire as a horror movie. All you had to do was add music and some sketchy camera work, and suddenly the movie's true message is revealed. Shudder. But at least it brought us this great Arrested Development parody, with Tobias Fünke as Mrs. Featherbottom: