17 Amazing Movies That Need a Sequel, Like, Right Now

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The Princess Diaries

Walt Disney Pictures

Let's be real here: the first two Princess Diaries films defined the childhoods of an entire generation. Who didn't secretly wish that their grandma would turn out to be a European royal? These heartwarming movies were the on-screen equivalent of a cozy Sunday spent wrapped in a blanket sipping a mug of hot cocoa. Who wouldn't want another one?! We all need to see how Mia's getting on now that she's the actual queen of Genovia. Luckily, a third movie does seem to be in the pipeline, although plans have stalled since the sad passing of the series' original director, Gary Marshall. The author of the Princess Diaries book series, Meg Cabot, has stated that there's a chance the film might go ahead as a tribute to Marshall. We've got our fingers crossed!