17 Amazing Movies That Need a Sequel, Like, Right Now

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Comedy Central

There are some films out there that desperately didn't need sequels. The Shrek franchise, for example, could have happily stopped after film number two. How many more Fast and Furious films do there need to be before that series finally ends? The worst part of this sequel saturation is that a ton of films that deserve follow-ups get consistently ignored. Why do we keep getting more Toy Story movies, but no sequel to Brave? Where's the sequel to Love Actually that we all desperately need in our lives?

We've put together a definitive list of amazing films that are long overdue for a sequel. Some actually have follow-ups on the horizon (or so they claim); others seem to be doomed to remain in movie history. Only one thing is certain: if they don't make that third Princess Diaries movie, pretty much every child of the '90s will revolt.