15 Movies You’ll Want to Watch Before They Leave Netflix

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blackish anthony henderson


New year, new TV shows and movies to watch on Netflix! However, that also means the end of the line for bunch of our favorites in January 2018. Just like every month, Netflix will remove some titles to make room for new ones – and although we're sad to see them go, we're also excited for what's to come. Our faves including Bring It On, The Godfather, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Wedding Crashers, and all the Batman movies are coming to Netflix next month!

Not so bad considering we're losing Mean Girls and Miss Congeniality. Also, if you're currently binge-watching Lost, you better binge a little faster because it'll be gone as of January 4th.

Thankfully, there's time to catch up before they're gone. We have the Christmas holidays to watch any of these movies for the last time on Netflix. But don't worry, these titles often come back eventually. Until then, we must say goodbye for now!