18 Movies With the Most Insane Plot Twists Ever (No Spoilers!)

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A good movie reels you in and makes you care about both the characters and the story. A great movie takes everything you were expecting and throws something totally different at you. It's all about balance: the ending can't be completely out of left-field, but just unexpected enough that you never saw it coming. The best movie plot twists are usually found in horror films or thrillers, but it can happen in dramas, too, and even comedies.

All we're really asking from a great movie with an A+ plot twist is to draw us in and then unleash the unexpected, leaving enough breadcrumbs along the way to make us feel like idiots for not predicting the twist in the first place. These 18 movie plot twists are the best of the best, but there are **NO SPOILERS** below, just in case you haven't gotten to watch these flicks yet.