18 Movies That Critics Hated But Audiences Loved

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Have you ever gone to a movie and absolutely loved it, but when you got home, you saw it was universally panned by critics? Depending on how you feel about critical judgment, you might just ignore what the critics think and go see a movie anyway, even if it has a very low score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Sometimes, it is better to make our own opinion, rather than listen to someone else's. Critics don’t always get it right! Often times, they are looking at so many factors, they forget that the purpose of a movie is to entertain an audience. The most recent DC movies have packed theaters with fans and plenty have left very pleased with how actors like Margot Robbie and Will Smith portrayed their characters (in Suicide Squad, for example) but critics HATED the film. Critics don't always accurately represent the audience – in the case of these 18 movies, they hated the movie that the viewers actually really liked!

*All of the percentages are pulled directly from RottenTomatoes.com*