17 Surprising Movies That Borrowed Their Plot From Classic Books

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Finding a movie that actually has an original plot is pretty hard these days. Everything is either a sequel, a remake, a ‘re-imagining,’ or a straight-up rip off of an existing film. Movie adaptations of books and TV shows are springing up all over the place, and totally fresh ideas are hard to find. That doesn’t mean that these films aren’t worth a watch, however; gems like the Ghostbusters remake and the Star Wars sequels make this process of recycling slightly worth it.

In among these pretty obvious rip-offs / homages / unnecessary follow-ups, there’s one sub-genre of film that doesn’t get much attention. I speak of the wide range of movies that borrowed their plots from pieces of classic literature. Some are pretty obviously based on these kinds of books: it’s pretty clear where Bride and Prejudice got it inspiration from, for example. However, some films include subtle references that are easy enough to miss. Here’s a roundup of some popular movies that have surprisingly classic origins.